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Training, Assessing & Audits

HARE Training, Assessor and Auditing

HARE Engineering is now able to offer the services:

  •  Trainer & Assessor (Diploma, Cert IV, RII, RPL and Competency)
  • Auditing (Statutory, Governance, Government Project Review (OGC) and Internal Systems & Processes)

HARE Training

HARE Training is able to deliver the following training packages:

  • Diploma in Project Management
  • TAE40110 Cert IV Training & Assessing
  • RIICOM301A Communicate Information (S3)
  • RIICOM201B Communicate in the Workplace
  • RIIERR503A Implement Emergency Preparedness & Response Systems
  • RIIERR302A Respond to Local Emergencies & Incidents
  • RIIERR205A Apply Initial Response First Aid
  • RIIERR203A Escape from Hazardous Situations Unaided
  • RIIERR201A Conduct Fire Team Operations
  • RIIGOV201A Comply with Site Processes/Procedures
  • RIIOHS601A Cert IV Establish & Maintain the OHS Management System (G7)
  • RIIOHS301A Conduct Safety & Health Investigations (S2)
  • RIIOHS204A Working Safely at Heights
  • RIIOHS202A Enter & Work In Confined Spaces
  • RIIOHS201A Work Safely & follow OHS policies & procedures
  • RIIRIS601A Cert IV Establish & Maintain the Risk Management System (G3)
  • RIIRIS402A Carry Out Risk Management Process (G2)
  • RIIRIS301A Apply Risk Management Process (S1)
  • RIIRIS201B Conduct Local Risk Control (G1)
  • RIIVEH305A Operate 4WD
  • RIIVEH201A Operate Light Vehicle
  • PMPER300C Issue Work Permit
  • PMPER200B Work In Accordance with an Issued Permit
  • EWP/JLG Ticket


HARE Training are also able to offer tutoring in the following areas:

  •  Certified Project Management Professional (PMP) with the Project Management Institute (PMI)
  •  Certified Practicing Project Manager (CPPM) with the Australian Institute of Project Management (AIPM)
  •  OGC Gateway Reviewer (Government Project Audit)
  •  Incident Cause Analysis Method (ICAM) Lead Facilitator
  •  HAZOP Lead Facilitator (Orica)

SOON !!!!!!!!!!

HARE Training will soon be able to offer tutoring in:

  •  Site Senior Executive (SSE) Coal Mining Ticket (Issued by the Board of Examiners, QLD Mining Department)

HARE Auditing

HARE Auditing is able to perform audits in the following areas:

  •  Project Management / Project Pipeline (PMBOK or Internally Developed Systems)
  •  Risk Management (ISO31000)
  •  OH&S Management (AS4801)
  •  Office of Government Commerce (OGC) Project Reviews
  •  Mining Acts and Regulations (Statutory)
  •  Training Skills Matrix and Competency Review


HARE Auditing engages positively with their clients to provide support by:

  •  Auditing and Reviewing Corporate Systems and Processes (Governance)
  •  Gap Analysis
  •  Compliance Mapping
  •  Providing Recommendations (Compliance, Alignment or Development of New Systems and Processes)
  •  Developing Solutions and Implementation Plan to Help Gain Compliance

Enquires for any of these services, please contact HARE Engineering